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Curry On Naanstop was founded in September 2017 when we took
the daunting but exciting decision to operate as a food truck and pursue our dream of providing flavoursome, authentic Indian cuisine. As of today, Curry on Naanstop is a chain of Indian Street Food truck, pop-ups and food court kiosks. Aromatic and deeply flavourful, our specialties - Mumbai Street Eats are full of fresh ingredients, heady spices, and vibrant colours. All our recipes have been passed down to us through generations in the family. Our goal is to serve you the same scrumptious flavours and experiences each time you visit or hire us. We also cater for the entire spectrum of events - from customized parties to memorable wedding receptions, from splendid weddings to classy corporate gatherings, from themed events to unique occasions. Yes, we cater for all!

Cooking Is Love Made Visible

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